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Professional experience of wireless communication since 2006

Millsys provides professional experience in developing flexible software solutions ranging from enterprise systems down to embedded resource-constrained systems and everything in between. 

Specialized in both Classic and Low-energy Bluetooth technology, we've designed and implemented several high-end audio products as well as integrated iOS/Android apps to enable intuitive user interaction and configurability.

"Markus was soley responsible for FW implementation during the whole development of EARIN and we give him our highest recommendations both from a professional as well as personal perspective"

Per Sennström, EARIN

"Effectsoft has worked together with Millsys in numerous projects and every time we are amazed at their ability to grasp a complex solution and deliver on time, in an accessible and understandable way"

Jonas Inghammar, EffectSoft

"We had a major roadblock with iOS communications, but Markus wrote a completely functional solution on very short notice - allowing us to proceed on schedule with manufacturing. Markus has since helped us with various implementation and debugging needs. His deep experience with Bluetooth has been invaluable to our development process!"

Nelson Zhang, Wearhaus


We've been working with big companies such as 3M/Peltor as well as startups such as Kygo Life, AIAIAI and EARIN

Kygo Sound offer a wide range of quality audio products which embrace Scandinavian design. The items are sophisticated, with a minimalist design and a rich sound quality.

AIAIAI is an audio design company dedicated to developing high quality audio products for everyday use. AIAIAI’s modern, minimalist headphones and earphones deliver clear, amplified sound.

3M is a global leader in providing PELTOR Protective Communication Headsets for use in hazardous and high noise environments. By focusing on function and design, we've created advanced and comfortable headsets that are attractive to use.

DRIWS - Digital Runway Incursion Warning System - is a project aiming at increasing the safety at airports by connecting ground vehicles to the Air Traffic Control

EARIN create audio products of extraordinary quality for people who love music and sets a new standard for wireless audio. The company was established in 2013 with a simple aim, to create high fidelity audio devices without compromise.

Wearhaus is a music hardware startup aiming to enrich the social listening experience, allowing users to tune in to songs together with their customizable, high-quality headphones.

Phoniro Care replaces the standard key with a digital key in the staff’s mobile phones, a device mounted on the inside of the resident’s front door as well as an administrative IT system. 

Glue Smart Lock enables your smartphone to lock and unlock your door, create digital keys for guests and keep track of who comes and goes at anytime and from anywhere you are.

“Software craftsmanship is a long journey to mastery. It’s a mindset where software developers choose to be responsible for their own careers, constantly learning new tools and techniques and constantly bettering themselves.”

Sandro Mancuso


Millsys is a consultant company providing structured and reliable software services

Founded in 2006, Millsys has been delivering high quality software solutions, tailored for each project's specific needs. Whilst the majority of work has been focused in the embedded and wireless audio segment, including mobile app implementation and integration with the developed products, we've also had the opportunity to write full-fledged back-office systems and rich user-interfaces on mobile devices as well as PCs.

Markus Millfjord, CEO
Markus Millfjord, CEO


A quick tech-summary of platforms and technologies we've worked with as of today

It's always hard to compress years of work into lists fo buzz-words, but sometimes those very same lists can help in understanding things from a more concrete hands-on perspective. Thus, please find a summary of our work in tech-terminology below.


Bluetooth Classic and/or Low-Energy (BLE), MFi, WiFi, BlueZ-stack on Linux for non-SoC solutions,
Bluetooth QDID listing & certification using  PRD/PTS.

Embedded platforms

CSR8670/75, XScale, ST32, Atmel, typically coding in C/C++, Kalimba.

App development

Xcode, Android Studio, Xamarin Studio, Eclipse, using Objective-C, Java, C# mixed with SQLite,  CoreData, or suitable ORM/DB storage.

Backend services

Scripted using PHP, JSP, ASP, or compiled Java, Python or C#, relying on JAX-WS, REST, SOAP using XML or JSON/GeoJSON.


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